Meez + AIM = Super Expressions

Recently we partnered with Meez to hook us up with some cool 3D avatars and expressions that build on the WeeMee experience we have in AIM. Check out to create your avatar. If you want to snag my Meez avatar you can do so by downloading my SnagExp plugin, and snag it from gregtest3 when I am online. Here is what my finished Meez looked like:

And here is my Meez avatar in the IM window:

Some quick requirements:

  • AIM 6.5
  • Java 1.3.1
  • Flash 7+
  • IE 6+

As always feedback is appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Meez + AIM = Super Expressions

  1. My Smiley showers still dont work for some reason. Havent since the first beta they were released in. I wonder if something like this would work…

  2. Haha, this this is pretty cool, much better than the old WeeMee’s. Mem usage is kinda high though, I guess its okay becuase its the other people who are viewing my meez that will have the problem 😛 I’d be nice to have control over the placement of facial features, otherwise they look pretty good.

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