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Download AIM MusicLink version here.

I have just posted the latest version of AIM MusicLink, version  As always you can get the latest information on AIM MusicLink via the AIM MusicLink homepage.  I have made many significant changes in this latest version based on feedback from people as well as some long standing features I wanted to add.

Here is the change log:

  • Added support for Foobar2000 version
  • Added auto-upgrade support.
  • Updated the AIM MusicLink preferences
    • Added a preference to turn off checking for AIM MusicLink Updates
    • Added a button to check for update immediately
    • Added a button to reset status, this can be used to clear stale data when a player crashes or closes at a bad time

  • Fixed bug where log folders where being written even when user did not want logging.
  • Added support for writing current song to the AvTrack object in OpenAIM.
  • AIM MusicLink is now injected into the buddy feed.

AIM MusicLink works on all versions of AIM 6.0+, but official support for this version is for AIM 6.8+.  AIM Music Link Supports the following players.

This release is a major one, so enjoy it.  Download AIM MusicLink version here.

14 thoughts on “AIM MusicLink version

  1. I love the plugin, but even after updating both your plugin and AIM to the latest versions, it still will not show what I’m listening to in Winamp. When I’m using RealPlayer it works, although cutting off the first letter of the title. As Winamp is my main media player, any suggestions for how to fix this would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Greg, you attention whore! I did not download the plugin yet–I’m still imagining the possibilities.

    Seriously though: in a previous post, bangbang023 had a good comment about AIM’s User Interface. It’s not clean. For starters, it’s just too darn big. I also find menus very confusing to traverse. What gives?

    I use msn on my internal work network…it’s smaller and more intuitive. I haven’t checked the memory usage, but I’m guessing it has AIM there too.

    Hey, AIM was the first…don’t let it be the worst.

    Keep blogging.


  3. I love this plugin and use it all the time. But I have noticed a problem. I’m using the latest version of winamp and the latest version of this plugin. It works fine, until I run a program called “AniDB O’Matic” (Download: (Website: As soon as the program starts up my status gets changed to as if winamp wasn’t running (I have no status) and my status doesn’t update when songs change either. But as soon as I close the program, everything starts working as it should…

  4. The plugin is great, but I use windows media player and the songs sometimes gets mixed up and shows a different song than what is playing, and asian characters don’t show up with windows media player

  5. I am using the newest version of musiclink and newest version of AIM, but when I open up my iTunes, AIM freezes….what’s going on? And can I fix it?? Thanks!

  6. i have the newest version of aim with your new aim music link but i still cant get it to work with my new comp. its running 64bit vista ultimate…would that make a difference? i made it work on my old comp running xp fairly easily

  7. how do I get rid of the musiclink buddy update in my aim profile, saying that i’ve installed it? i installed it over 3 days ago and it won’t go away, even though i have my buddy updates turned off. i even uninstalled musiclink and restarted my computer and it’s still there.

  8. I would like to echo the problem that Eincrou reported, in that although it will display song and artist into when RealPlayer plays a song, it will cut off the first letter of the title.

  9. Hey Greg!

    Anyway I have the new plugin but.. I”M having some problems with it.

    My friends have ichat for mac and when I play my music the litlle music note thingy it just weird characters on theirs. Is there a way to get rid of the music note??

    And, also you the thing is like this:

    Artist- Song.

    Is there a way to make it like:

    Song- Artist

    ? thanks =)

  10. Hey Greg!
    I LOVE this plug-in, but how do I disable it without having to delete it??
    I’ve been using it for almost a year now and I kinda wanna go back to just a normal status message for right now.

    Can you help me out??

  11. Heyy I wondering if there was way to disable the music link plug-in, the one where it shows what you’re listening to, without deleteing it completely?? And if there isn’t a way to do that, how do you disable it?

  12. I use AIM @ 2.1.05 because I don’t like the music note.

    But Greg how do you switch the Artist and the song name around?
    like this:
    S – A

    my friends is like that… just wondering. (an no she doesn’t have a mac lol)

  13. i use the latest version of Windows Media Player and i updated both my aim and the musiclink but it still doesnt work….your thoughts?

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