Summertime in DC, Time to Play the License Plate Game

For those of us who sit in traffic for hours on end in the DC, summertime brings a new rinkel to the mundane commute.  So many cars pass through DC at all times of the day, my nine mile drive to Clearspring each day provides me with ample time to play the license plate game.

For those of you uninitiated in the license plate game it is a game in which you try to identify as many different state’s license plates on the road.  On a good day in DC, in a 9 mile commute I may get up to 12 different states (my personal record is 15), but the average is 8.  Morning is always the best time for seeing different plates, and it tends to keep me engaged on my drive in.

You may be asking who cares, it’s DC no one who actually lives here is from here?  True, but, when sitting in my car listening to the traffic report tell me that another car overturned on the American Legion Bridge, the game is entertaining.  Heck there are even iPhone games for the passengers to play.

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