Bike Beats a Plane in Los Angeles

Dating back to the dawn of man we have been obsessed about getting from point A to point B the fastest way possible.  As we developed various modes of transportation the obsession became a debate as to which vehicle could move us faster and which route to take.

From “Around the World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne to Top Gear’s 5th episode in the 10th season, we have been racing planes, balloons, boats, and bicycles to see which moves us faster from point A to point B.  With that in mind we now have an answer in the debate of whether a bike can beat an airplane from Burbank to Long Beach in LA.

Thanks to Carmagedon, JetBlue flew a few planes 20 minutes between Burbank and Long Beach to help people avoid the 405 expressway’s 10 mile long closures.  This inspired a bunch of bikers to challenge the airplane to a race.  A passenger on the plane and the bikers left the same location in Burbank at the same time, and the first to get to the Long Beach Aquarium wins.  Because the flyer has to check in, go through security and board, the cyclists made it to Long Beach before the plane even took off.

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