AIM 6.9 Beta 2

Last week we launched the latest AIM 6.9 beta, so I am a week late posting on this, as I was away last week.  We have changed the UI to be more graphical in nature and given users back some space on their buddy list.

But in the better late than never category, here is the change log:

  • Sign in as invisible: Sign into AIM without letting your buddies know. You can see your buddies online, but they won’t be able to see you. As always, you can IM them at anytime to give up your secret. To become available to all your buddies, click the closed eyeball icon on your Buddy List®.
  • New sleek, light weight design: Let us know what you think of the new colors, new buttons and overall look and feel. We’ve been busy removing those menus you don’t use too.
  • Manage your Buddy List: We’re giving you back more Buddy List® real estate. Find buddies in your list is now collapsed. Reveal it when you need it by selecting the keyboard keys Ctrl + f.

You can download AIM 6.9 Beta 2 here.

As always feedback is appreciated.

4 thoughts on “AIM 6.9 Beta 2

  1. Honestly, the design is now dated and seriously lacking. Look at your competition and tell me how this design holds anything against them?

    All in all, I get the feeling that AOL is letting AIM slowly fade off. It needs a lot more attention, considering it’s supposed to be the flagship product.

  2. Agreed with the above comment. MSN allows custom backround images and window colors. As well as a “nudge” feature

    AIM is used by more people and has other great features going for it. Except, it lacks customization.

  3. I totally agree with bang your getting completely owned by the competition. Does AOL and the AIM team really have to try to hard I can’t see AIM user laving AIM for something else if all there friends are on it. I can’t really stop using because of that.

    I don’t think they’ll be getting many new users with all the new IM standards like gmail and and social networks.

    Plus there really isn’t much money to go around to boost the AIM dev team.

  4. Honestly it looks horrible in comparison to the current version 6.8. First of all, why is there two tones of orange? I appreciate the new buddy list space and all but why we can’t re-size the buddy list beats me. The thing takes up my desktop space. The messenger is getting way too bulky along with numerous bugs. What’s happening to AOL?

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