Netflix and the Separation of DVDs and Streaming

When Netflix announced their change in plans tonight it was not greeted warmly by the web.  There have been a lot of speculation about why Netflix did this:

My guess is that Netflix has pressure on multiple fronts.  First, the costs of mailing DVDs has to be increasing.  The USPS has been saying for a while that stopping Saturday is on the table unless they raise rates.  Netflix also has been saying the future is streaming, that DVD shipments may go down this quarter for the first time ever.

My issue with Netflix, and let it be known I have a streaming account, is that the content available on Netflix is weak.  Recently I have thought Amazon has offered better content.

Everyone will be watching subscriber numbers closely I am sure over the next two quarters and the stock will be put under the microscope but for me I will be watching to see if Netflix can offer more content.

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