What’s Old is New

AIM is still here, as am I. I have been wanting to relaunch my blog for about 6 months, that is why I have been having trouble blogging for the past few months. So this is the relaunch, I am calling it Greg’s Mind, because, the blog will share what I am minding. If you want to go back and look at the old blog, it can be found here.

Of course we will cover all things AIM and Open AIM related, but also some great stuff happening out in the social media and networking world. I may even have a pop culture reference or two, to share.

We have obviously been doing a lot of stuff over the past few weeks, since I last blogged and I will be catching up on those as well as sharing with you some of the things we are working on. So stay tuned, and welcome to the new blog.

3 thoughts on “What’s Old is New

  1. Congrats on getting married. I’m also glad to know you weren’t one of the victims of the recent layoffs.

    I have a major concern about AIM and the way profiles are handled when logging on from multiple locations that I would love to discuss with you. My friend is actually begging me to pass the word on for her, too lol.

  2. That’s the problem people are asking me to bring up WBMike. When I sign on AIM with my phone, I lost my profile. When my friend signs on at her office, she loses her profile. There has to be some way of preserving the profile when signing on from a different location.

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