This morning we released a new AIM beta, version You can read all about the release here. The major addition in this release is a feature called Real-Time IM. Real-Time IM lets you and your buddy see what the other person is typing in real-time, as it is being typed, right in your IM window. It is like seeing a preview of an IM. Normally, you can’t read a message from your buddy until it is sent and appears in the IM window. But with Real-Time IM, you see each letter your buddy is typing in the IM window even before it is sent to you. The only requirement is that both of you and your buddy needs to be using the AIM 6.8+ client for this feature to work. Here is a screenie that shows how to access the feature:

You can download the client here. As always feedback is appreciated.

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  1. This real-time IM function sounds amazing. I am currently urging all my friends to download the 6.8 client, so i can try it out.

    On a side note: could you guys make the minimum size of a buddy window smaller (maybe 5 words across/one line of text down), give the ability to hide the buddy icon/all that whitespace on the side, and let users change the font size of the usernames in the active conversations list on the left? I find it annoying that on the average screen I cannot read my IMs without reordering open windows, and more so to know that 2/5ths of that space is occupied by something other than the IM itself.
    (hm maybe even add the ability to see all of a new message in the notification, and *inline responses* in the notification (like ICQ has amazingly done).

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  3. One thing you guys need to fix is the fact that picture sharing always gets broken between builds. My buddy was using the latest 6.5 and, as always, when I update to a beta, I had to make her update too because AIM stated she didn’t support the feature.

  4. It’s great to see the AIM team push out new AIM builds with new features… Although it’d be much better if you guys work on optimizing the client ie. reducing the memory usage from its clunky 30-80 MB. Yes, I know there’s AIM Lite, but it lacks many of AIM 6’s features and it hasn’t been updated in a while…

  5. It would be nice if you could use real-time IM all of the time (on by default)

    what i mean is that it is automatically on when you sign in to aim

    does that make sense?

    also the buddy profile and away message font sizes need to be seriously fixed.. i make my profile text size 8 it shows up as 10 when i go to look at my profile

  6. i am having issues with AIM.
    AIM starts up with aim6.exe, aolload.exe, and aolsoftware.exe running.
    Two minutes, latere, there’s two aolsoftware.exe processes running, and withing another few minutes, back down to one.

    HOWEVER, about 10 minutes later, aolsoftware.exe uses 50% CPU and makes my computer freeze up. Very bad, if I may say so myself.

    Can’t get anything done.

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