AIM 6.8 is Live

Today we launched the best AIM client ever. I say this, and I really mean it. I have been working on AIM since AIM 2.5 in 1999, and I can confidently say we got this client right. AIM 6.8 builds upon the themes of Open AIM of giving users what they want by customizing the AIM experience via a new type of plugin called AIM Modules. I will have a follow up post getting into further details on what an AIM Module is.

AIM 6.8 also supports C++, C#, and VB plugins just like previous clients, so AIM Tunes and AIM MusicLink will still work.

AIM 6.8 also gives users the ability to import or export their Buddy List, a feature that had been a plugin I wrote years ago is now part of the client.

One last thing to point out we have made the black skin on the AIM the new default skin. All the old ones are still there in case you want to switch it up.

6 thoughts on “AIM 6.8 is Live

  1. Is there anyway to get rid of the Buddy Updates in the Buddy Info? They really bug me and make the whole thing I feel aesthetically unappealing because people set their buddy info to look really nice and the Info just messes it all up. I might suggest making a new tab in the info for the Updates just as there is for Profile Buddies or for AIM Photos.

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