Picture This

Foursquare added the ability to share pictures when checking in to their iPhone App this morning.  I love this feature and it is good to see foursquare catch up to what we built on AOL Lifestream this summer with the ability to update your status, location and share a picture all at the same time.

Images and location are very meaningful and go hand in hand.  Way before Flickr added geo tagging to albums, we used to organize our own physical photo albums around events and places.  I used to sit and flip through an album reminiscing about where I was when the photo was taken and when.  That is what makes what we did on AOL Lifestream and what Flickr and Foursquare have done is important to me.

It also makes me wonder why Facebook has not done a better job innovating on photos.  The feature is the most popular on Facebook, and in many ways was the most significant reason why they now have 500M users, but the feature actually feels weak to me.  I still use Flickr because of this.  When I view my Facebook photos or my friends photos, dates and location are not easily viewable if at all.  I can see the comments on the photo which is great and I can see who else is in the photo with me, but I really can’t expect Facebook’s Photos feature to be a reference point for me.  If I want to easily search for a photo based on when or where, forget it.

Here is my map of all my photos:

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