Wild Weather, Power Outages, a chance of Godzilla

It has been a crazy 96 hours of weather and power outages here in DC.  Flying back from Google I/O last week it was clear based on our flight path that we were avoiding a massive storm in Indiana and Ohio.  It was incredible to watch how a storm in Chicago ended up traveling over 900 miles and wiping out power grids along the way.

The derecho knocked out power at the SumOfTheWeb’s office in Maryland along with over a million others in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia).  Tons of content has been created about my particular power company and their ineptitude.  Thanks PEPCO for all you do.  Data courtesy of AddThis of course.

Of course life could definitely be worse.  We got power back 80 hours after the storm today.  We are lucky, we could afford to refill our refrigerator and stay in a hotel while the power was out.  Some are not as fortunate.  And some folks in Richmond are about to experience an incredible heat wave followed by a chance of Godzilla.  Thanks to the news team in Richmond for injecting some humor into this crappy weather pattern.