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A quick post today on some developments over the weekend. First, we continue to research with Microsoft the Vista issue, though as I mentioned in the post last week, all indications are that this issue is not related to AIM. For the user who reported that un-installing Vista Update (KB94169), are you sure that it is in fact the correct update? My research shows that KB94169 is a patch for Windows 3.x for “IBM 4226 Printer Emulation.” If we can get that actual patch ID we would definitely appreciate it, as would the engineers in Redmond.

I have been getting a lot of feedback on AIM Music Link which is terrific. I have been looking into reported issues with Yahoo Jukebox, iTunes 7.5 and Windows Media Player 11. I am unable to reproduce the problem that status does not update. The only thing I can think of is that you may be away when playing the song. I have seen issues where status will not update when you are away.

For the person asking if I could add support for Zune, I spent a hour this afternoon looking into this, and have not found any API associated with the Zune Media Player version 2.1.888.0. I even looked into screen scraping the song, and so far no luck. If someone has figured this out, please share, and I will definitely add the support.

Lastly, I want to do a mailbag this week, so if you have questions you would like answered about AIM, Open AIM, or just general questions about social networking and media, please just leave a comment below, and I will get to as many of the questions as I can.

10 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

  1. A question/Suggestion or two:

    1) Could there be a way to have for privacy reasons the Cell/Mobile Icon be a preference where you can shut it off on your own will when connecting via mobile.
    2) Beta testers have been asking for actually colorized Screennames in their buddylists… like a buddy sound call it a buddy color. I am sure there is alot of technical issues to work out on that.

  2. You are probably sick of hearing the quesions.. but for the mailbag is there any new info you can give on AIM for mac? I know they are working AIM desktop, but most of us don’t want the whole client, we just want an AIM client for mac that meets true AIM features, not just ichat substitutes. Just a suggestion for the mailbag…

  3. hey greg, a quick qustion….
    why did you do aim 6.5 refresh instead of just going to aim 6.6??
    also how come you skipped 6.2,3, and 4?

  4. 1) what are some of the new key features being implemented in the upcoming versions of AIM

    2)Is AIM coming any closer to being interoperable with GTalk?

  5. My aim musiclink is still not working at all it will not show what song i am listening to through iTunes, WMP 11, or Yahoo Music Jukebox

    I am using aim 6.5 refresh beta.. it didnt work in the gm version as well

    this is getting very annoying (the previous version of aim musiclink at least worked but it was still very buggy)

  6. I’m running iTunes for my music. I installed AIM MusicLink while AIM was closed completely. I restarted AIM and nothing happened. I can access preferences under the actions tab and I checked all of them. The plug-ins tab also recognizes the installation, but there’s nothing in my profile or on my status bar. My AIM version is and iTunes is Any suggestions on a fix?

  7. And another question: what you and people from AIM dev and IM-Host dev team thinks about alternative clients that use directly OSCAR protocol, not AIMCC? Please explain your point of view.


  8. Maybe you could try looking into how MSN knows what the Zune software is playing? MSN Messenger links the Zune program seamlessly just by selecting “Show what I’m listening to.” in the status selection bar at the top.

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