What is old is now here!

Finally, I have rescued all my old blog posts from 2007-2010 and imported them here.  If you are looking for old information on AIM, ICQ, AOL or AIM MusicLink, the posts are all here.  It was a trip going back to read all the things I worked on back then.  By now, Google should have re-crawled my blog and indexed the posts.

Happy surfing down memory lane.

AIM MusicLink is here

I have posted the latest version of AIM MusicLink, version  If you are an existing AIM MusicLink user, you will get prompted for auto upgrade.  You can ignore the upgrade, or get it later.  You can get an upgrade via the Check For Upgrade button via the AIM MusicLink Preference window.  You will only be prompted once.  There are some real key feature and bug fixes in this release.

  • AIM MusicLink now supports an option to set your status in “Artist – Song” format and “Song – Artist” format.
  • Fixed a long standing bug with Windows Media Player not reporting the correct song.  This was due to an issue with the Windows Media Player API passing incorrect data in the MediaChange event.  I discovered a work around this Microsoft bug.
  • Fixed bug with RealPlayer song status being set with a missing leading character
  • Fixed bug with Uninstaller not unregistering the AIM MusicLink dlls.

Here is a screen shot of the new preference panel showing how to change the status format.

AIM MusicLink Preferences

AIM MusicLink Preferences

You can download the latest AIM MusicLink here.

To read all about AIM MusicLink or to get questions answered make sure to visit the AIM MusicLink homepage.

I Go On Vacation and Alot Happens

Tel Aviv Sunset
Going on vacation with the family and having no internet accessibility is always a challenge.  Awaiting my return was about 1000+ email I had to catch up on, then there were all my feeds to read, I also could not prepare adequately for my fantasy football draft this week which could hamper my fun over the next 18 weekends.

Apparently we did a whole bunch of releases while I was gone, so for now I will just post a summary, and get into more details in follow up posts.

  1. AIM Express 7.0 is now live and released.
  2. AIM 6.9 Beta 1 is available on our beta website
  3. AIM for Windows Mobile is out of beta and available for everyone to try.
  4. AIM MusicLink has now over 1 Million users in just 25 days.
  5. AIM MusicLink now supports AOL Radio and Shoutcast Radio, for details check out the AIM MusicLink homepage.

I will dive into details on these releases over the next few days.

AIM MusicLink version

Download AIM MusicLink version here.

I have just posted the latest version of AIM MusicLink, version  As always you can get the latest information on AIM MusicLink via the AIM MusicLink homepage.  I have made many significant changes in this latest version based on feedback from people as well as some long standing features I wanted to add.

Here is the change log:

  • Added support for Foobar2000 version
  • Added auto-upgrade support.
  • Updated the AIM MusicLink preferences
    • Added a preference to turn off checking for AIM MusicLink Updates
    • Added a button to check for update immediately
    • Added a button to reset status, this can be used to clear stale data when a player crashes or closes at a bad time

  • Fixed bug where log folders where being written even when user did not want logging.
  • Added support for writing current song to the AvTrack object in OpenAIM.
  • AIM MusicLink is now injected into the buddy feed.

AIM MusicLink works on all versions of AIM 6.0+, but official support for this version is for AIM 6.8+.  AIM Music Link Supports the following players.

This release is a major one, so enjoy it.  Download AIM MusicLink version here.

AIM MusicLink

Happy Monday everyone!  I am posting the latest version of AIM MusicLink that contains support for a new media player as well as a couple of fixes for some old bugs.  In AIM MusicLink, I have added support for XM Player version  MusicLink now has support for 8 different media players.  The full list can be found on the AIM MusicLink home page.

I have also fixed two bugs that have been around for a while.  ITunes would report the current song even if the player was paused or stopped.  MusicLink will only set an ITunes song if the player is playing a song now.  The other bug that I fixed involved Windows Media Player.  People were reporting that WMP songs were getting set in their AIM Status even when WMP was not running.  I have fixed an issue where if the player exits the WMP plugin was reporting the wrong information.  If WMP crashes, which does happen, MusicLink may still report the incorrect information.

Download the latest AIM MusicLink here.

Off To Tel Aviv

I am headed back to ICQ tonight for the week, to work with the team in Tel Aviv. I did want to share an update with Zune support in AIM MusicLink. I found on Dan Fernandez’s blog info that Zune does have a basic API, via the ZuneDBApi.dll found in your Zune install folder. The API is a COM based API, but cannot be registered in the COM registry. The interfaces can be viewed in the object viewer in Visual Studio 2005 but I cannot successfully implement the interfaces in MusicLink.

I am hoping Microsoft churns out some real documentation for the Zune API, so I can add support for the player in MusicLink.

Welcome to the AIM MusicLink Home

After all the feedback and comments that I have gotten over the years regarding MusicLink, I thought I would put together a web page for the plugin. This web page will explain what AIM MusicLink does, all the versions ever released including the change log for each release, and how AIM MusicLink actually works. I even included code samples on how it works for C++, C#, VB, and even Javascript.

You can check out the AIM MusicLink Home here.

A couple of plugin updates

AIM MusicLink was updated this afternoon. When I fixed the Songbird plugin issue I accidentally packaged an old version of the AIM MusicLink dll, so this is now fixed. You can download AIM MusicLink version here. The latest version of AIM MusicLink will display a music note in the status message and has support for over a half dozen different music players.

I have also updated the AIM Stats plugin so when all the stats are expanded you will get a scroll bar. AIM Stats can be downloaded here. I will be adding more stats over the next couple of weeks.

AIM MusicLink Feedback

I want to say thank you to all the people who have downloaded the latest AIM MusicLink version and are using it every day. The uptake for the plugin has been really great, and I have to be honest this release has gone much better than earlier ones. I wanted to address some of the issues people have been having.

  • I have fixed the problem with the Songbird Extension for AIM MusicLink and you can download the extension here. Once you download the extension, please use Songbird to load the sbMusicLink.xpi file.
  • I have spent a few hours testing this version of AIM MusicLink with Windows Media Player 11 in just about every configuration possible and cannot reproduce any of the reports people have. All my WMP plugin does is listen to the current playing song and then writes to the Windows Registry if the player is playing and if so what is the current song. Then AIM MusicLink reads the registry key. These two keys can be found in HKCUSoftwareAIMAIMPluginsAIM MusicLinkWMPCurrentMedia and WMPIsPlaying. If you observe weird behavior with these keys please let me know.
  • The latest WinAMP version has been working for me.
  • The theory I have regarding those who have issues with players beyond iTunes working, is that make sure iTunes is truly closed. I have seen instances where I close iTunes yet it is not truly shutdown. AIM MusicLink will still think it sees iTunes opened and try to set the iTunes song not WinAmp or other player you are using. AIM MusicLink has a specific order of operations that it looks for music. The first player it finds music for, it will try to report the result, even if no song is loaded on the player in some cases. Here is the order that I use:
  1. iTunes
  2. WinAmp
  3. MediaMonkey
  4. Windows Media Player 9/10/11
  5. Yahoo Jukebox
  6. Songbird
  7. RealPlayer

Please make sure if you are seeing issues where AIM MusicLink is reporting an incorrect or unexpected result, check the above list and make sure that a player is not accidentally loaded that you think you closed. As always I appreciate all the feedback, and keep it coming so I can make sure AIM MusicLink continues to be the top AIM Plugin.

AIM MusicLink version

I am posting a new AIM MusicLink tonight based on feedback from all my users. I have fixed a long standing bug with the MediaMonkey player, so for those of you using MediaMonkey for your media player needs, you will now see status updates.

I have also added support to insert a music note in your status message when using AIM MusicLink. Here is an image of the new music note support.

AIM MusicLink is an Open AIM plugin, it sets your status and profile message to your current playing song on 7 different media players. I support WinAmp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Yahoo Jukebox, Songbird, RealPlayer, and MediaMonkey. AIM MusicLink also logs the songs that you play and stores them in a log where you can view what you have been listening to all week. To get started with AIM MusicLink just download the exe, exit AIM, and install AIM MusicLink. Re-start AIM, and listen to your favorite music. If you want to change and of the preferences, they can be found in the Actions menu at the bottom of the AIM buddy list.

I want to thank everyone for their feedback, AIM MusicLink depends on your feedback for new features and bug fixes. AIM MusicLink is the most popular download on the AIM Gallery and one of the most popular AIM plugins of all time, so it goes without saying, thanks for all the support. 🙂

Download AIM MusicLink version here.