AIM Blast…A new way to Communicate

Last night we released a new beta feature for AIM called AIM Blast.  AIM Blast is a brand new feature that allows our users to have a group conversation, or send a broadcast IM to multiple people at once, without having to set up a bot or a chat room.

AIM Blast is groundbreaking functionality for the AIM Service, plus…

*No download required
*Fast & Easy setup of Blast groups at the AIM Blast website
*Access to your Blast groups anywhere and everywhere you can sign in to the AIM Service (including AIM Express, and any Open AIM services)

For more info on AIM Blast please check out the FAQ.

Since this is a beta product, we really would love to get feedback on this feature so we can fix any issues or complaints, and of course we never mind positive feedback as well. 🙂

18 thoughts on “AIM Blast…A new way to Communicate

  1. It’s great to see this sort of feature in AIM!

    One major request: For invitations, could there be an option for the blast group to be self-invite? I can imagine wanting some to be completely open and others to require a group member to approve, but anything that allows people to join themselves would be great.
    (It would be a lot easier to put the group’s name on a board in the lunch room for people to sign up for than to try having everybody contact me and ask to add them)

    Sadly, my client seems to want to send messages to “[groupname]” instead of just “[groupname]” but hopefully they’ll fix that.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. This is awful, you get invitations from people who you don’t have listed even though you have blocks up on aim. Each time you sign on aim you get the same invitation. I have blocks up for a reason. Any program that over rides an individuals preferences is not good and will only be exploited my aim terrorist. I’ve tried for two days to block this crap with no luck. Thanks for a communist program.

  3. Please fix AIM Blast so that the preferences can be set to restrict invite privileges to Admins only. Right now you can restrict invite privileges to Admins only, but, it disables the normal members ability to send text to the chat! Also I would like to see a feature to block everyone but admins from seeing the groups user list that currently shows up on everyone’s buddylist. There is a feature to disable/enable, but again, it restricts members from sending text into the chat!

    So, this is definitely what needs to be worked on:

    1. An option for the owner to disable/enable the list of names that currently shows up on everyone’s buddylist. (this feature reportedly annoys members and is a privacy issue, as people have complained of being spammed and bothered by other people in the group)

    2. Owner option to restrict invite privileges to admins only, allowing regular group members to still be able to type in the chat, but unable to invite unauthorized members.

  4. i hate aim blast once youve been added, you cant delete it. its makes my computer run slower whenever someone ims me one it. i hate aim blast. aol you made a bad idea. aim blast SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sure it’s nice when your fellow crew members can IM you without fear of unwanted guests but when you want it to stop it just keeps going on and on and on.

  6. i hate aim blast. aol, this was one of your stupidest ideas yet. you can’t get rid of it, and it will not let you reove yourself from this group. everyone hates it, and if everyone wantes to talk to eachother, make up a chat! this is stupid. when you want the whole thing to stop it wont unless nobody talks. this creates a big problem, especially for me because it makes my computer run slow and sometimes freeze up whenever someone IMs me from. aim blast sucks. dumb idea aol.

  7. Why does AIM Blast log correspondence for the group?
    Can’t we just send an IM and let it be that, instant message then gone once sent?

  8. AIM blast sucks. It’s fun at first, because it’s like a chat room. But after a few minutes its freaking annoying. You can’t delete it from your buddy list, so its there forever. And when people are talking in it, IT DOESN’T GO AWAY. Stupidest thing you guys have ever done. Thanks a lot, AOL.

  9. no its actually prtti good ujust have to go to settings to like stop the ims and u could leave the group just go to

  10. this shit is fuckin horrible worst idea ever. y would u even think of sumthing like this cause theirs mad random ass people in it. and u cant delete it why wouldnt i be able to delete it this was so fuckin dumb

  11. Request for feature: Instead of making this program just like a chat room but slightly different why not make it like a real message Blast? We’ve started to set up Blast groups in my office to be able to communicate on different floors with different groups to make it easier to get the word around. The only problem now is I have about 50 blast groups on my AIM… and I’ve had to deal with all the hassle that comes along with those groups. Why not make a feature that allows you to send a IM to a group of people on your Buddy list without having to have a group name put on to all of those peoples list or having to go through a pain in the ass third party internet system, and having to send out and accept 50 thousand invites to groups. Why not just have a feature that allows you to control click the people you want added in the IM and send away or something easy like that???? People appreciate simplicity.

  12. I agree, the fact that I’m unable to delete this stupid group is rather annoying. It caught my interest especially being that it’s new; so I thought I’d give it a shot. Now I can’t get it to go away and when I’m trying to do something else it continually pops up with people talking.

  13. How can I block IM’s from EVERYTIME I log into my AOL account, I have an IM popping up from “MyCam” sorry, but I don’t watch anyones webcam and I’m not interested… but for the last 2 days, everytime I log it, it pops up… I’m afraid to click where it says “click here for more information” because I don’t want to download a virus or anything. How do I get rid of this?


  14. HORRIBLE I HATE IT!!! I got my 1st invite today and couldn’t get rid of it. Its the stupidest worst idea ever. The whole point of AIM is private from the crazies and now I can’t escape. This prob will make me cancel my acct.

  15. Are the folks at AIM really this stupid? I think they are purposely pushing for others to stop using this service. I have been using AIM for over 15 years and Im about to ditch it forever. Everyday I log onto AIM and get unwanted cam spams from this AIM BLAST CRAP. Its absolutely ridiculous. First they started with the bull forced crap, and now this. Shape up or good riddance. Whoever is in charge of AOL is an absolute MORON. Nice way to keep people interested in your company by allowing them unwanted programs that spam. PATHETIC.

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