AIM Blast…A new way to Communicate

Last night we released a new beta feature for AIM called AIM Blast.  AIM Blast is a brand new feature that allows our users to have a group conversation, or send a broadcast IM to multiple people at once, without having to set up a bot or a chat room.

AIM Blast is groundbreaking functionality for the AIM Service, plus…

*No download required
*Fast & Easy setup of Blast groups at the AIM Blast website
*Access to your Blast groups anywhere and everywhere you can sign in to the AIM Service (including AIM Express, and any Open AIM services)

For more info on AIM Blast please check out the FAQ.

Since this is a beta product, we really would love to get feedback on this feature so we can fix any issues or complaints, and of course we never mind positive feedback as well. 🙂