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Happy Monday everyone!  I am posting the latest version of AIM MusicLink that contains support for a new media player as well as a couple of fixes for some old bugs.  In AIM MusicLink, I have added support for XM Player version  MusicLink now has support for 8 different media players.  The full list can be found on the AIM MusicLink home page.

I have also fixed two bugs that have been around for a while.  ITunes would report the current song even if the player was paused or stopped.  MusicLink will only set an ITunes song if the player is playing a song now.  The other bug that I fixed involved Windows Media Player.  People were reporting that WMP songs were getting set in their AIM Status even when WMP was not running.  I have fixed an issue where if the player exits the WMP plugin was reporting the wrong information.  If WMP crashes, which does happen, MusicLink may still report the incorrect information.

Download the latest AIM MusicLink here.

3 thoughts on “AIM MusicLink

  1. Hi, just want to give a throw out for you and your awesome Aim Music Link program. Recently found it and I love all the work you’ve put into it, much appreciated.

    This might come off as a bit selfish since I really have no right to ask, but I was wondering if you could put unicode support? Sometimes I play East Asian songs and a chunk of the artist and title seem to be cut off. Otherwise still loving it!

  2. Well no offense to Greg, but its time I remove MusicLink from my computer. I guess I am a dinosaur, because I still Musicmatch; well MusicLink does not support it. Most of the other players out there are inferior, so I do not use them. So until MusicLink can show my buddies whats playing in Musicmatch, bye-bye to MusicLink.


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