Open AIM 1.5

We posted Open AIM 1.5 today on This new update represents the same Open AIM engine that AIM 6.5 launched with earlier this month. Here are some of the changes we have made from Open AIM 1.3, the full release notes can be found here:

  • In the Java Wrapper we updated to current AIMCC APIs.
  • Support for sub menu plugin commands, so now you can have a plugin command menu item that is a fly out. (Note that the AIM 6.5 client will be adding this support in the next release, so you will not see sub menus until that release.)
  • Added a new property for user and session called AvTrack. This property is used for extended info for the current video or audio track that is playing in your media player.
  • In addition to the property we added for AvTrack, we added an interface for the AvTrack so you can pass up the data easily to the host.

As always the SDK contains plenty of samples and our documentation is live on the web here. If you have questions or feedback you can leave them on our message boards.

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