AIM Broadcaster 1.1

I originally wrote AIM Broadcaster as part of JAMS back in 2005. When I broke out JAMS into separate plugins Broadcaster was left out, but now it is back as a separate plugin. Download the executable, exit AIM and install the plugin. Restart AIM and to send out a broadcast message to an entire group, just right-click on the group and select ‘Broadcast IM to this Group.’ NOTE: In AIM 6.5 there is a bug where the group you select from the right-click menu will not be the selected item in the dropdown menu on the broadcast form. You need to select the group in the dropdown. This bug will be fixed by the client in a subsequent release. You can download AIM Broadcaster here.

Here is a screenshot of the broadcast form:

Also I have updated the AIM Gallery to fix problems with the twitterMan 3.0 plugin as well as AIM MusicLink.

4 thoughts on “AIM Broadcaster 1.1

  1. is there a way you can broadcast to a set of people not in the same group? ie. multi-select and then mass send? Trillian did this but I’m having issues with it so I’m back to the native client.

  2. Hi Greg. Comment not specifically related to the above post. I am still experiencing the vista issue where installing AIM breaks sound and the network indicator in the taskbar (and god knows what else). I know it is believed that it is a vista/microsoft bug and not AIM related. Maybe you guys can acknowledge that MS is really bad about fixing issues like this in their OS, and try to find a workaround for us? Surely there must be something you can do. I hope I can someday use AIM again without any adverse effects. I’m also appalled that you guys don’t list this very serious issue in your ‘known issues’ after all the discussion that has taken place. MS issue or not, it only appears under certain conditions, and for whatever reason, installing AIM 6.x seems to do just that. Thanks again.

  3. I recommend ditching vista and finding yourself a nice copy of windows XP. Vista has to be the worse thing microsoft has ever put out, and as always before they fix all the bugs they’ll release some new piece of crap OS.

  4. I think you’re idea is great! I tried to use your plugin with deadaim Version 4.5 but could not get it to work. Not sure if I installed the plug-in correctly. I ran the AIMBroadcaster.exe file and it made the C:Program FilesAim Broadcaster directory with broadcaster.dll and UNWISE.EXE files. I tried to do the right click and select under add-ins but it looked blocked or unable to support the group.

    Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you so much, this is potentially a really useful application and I really want to use it!

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