A couple of plugin updates

AIM MusicLink was updated this afternoon. When I fixed the Songbird plugin issue I accidentally packaged an old version of the AIM MusicLink dll, so this is now fixed. You can download AIM MusicLink version here. The latest version of AIM MusicLink will display a music note in the status message and has support for over a half dozen different music players.

I have also updated the AIM Stats plugin so when all the stats are expanded you will get a scroll bar. AIM Stats can be downloaded here. I will be adding more stats over the next couple of weeks.

3 thoughts on “A couple of plugin updates

  1. wen i downloaded the new musiclink and had it post the song im listenin 2 on mi profile, it just started a list, it would say lik: I am currently listening to (song). I am currently listening to (song). and keep going lik that…

    i tried reinstalling both aim and musiclink, i even deleted all the files they left after the uninstallation and it still did the same thing wen i reinstalled it. I even tried downloading aim 6.8 BETA but still the same thing… can u help me??

  2. oh and also that only happens if i have a profile, if i delete my profile, it works. but before it used to work even if i had a profile…

  3. I installed the newest version and it doesn’t work with the latest version of winamp anymore. I’ve reinstalled winamp,aim(including beta), and music link, however nothing happens with winamp. I tried wmp and it works, so I’m unsure as to why it doesn’t work with winamp( possibly the new update to winamp has changed the way plugins work?)

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