Partners who are AIM-ing with AMOs

When we launched AIM 6.8 last week, we shipped the client with a new type of AIM client extension or plugin, known as AIM Modules, AMOs for short. While Gus and I wrote a handful of AMOs to test the APIs early on, once we felt comfortable with the API we brought in a few launch partners to help get things kicked off right and to help them with reaching our audience. So with Vivaty, Goodreads, TenCent, blogTV, shopIt, and phonevite, we welcome you to the OpenAIM family.

2 thoughts on “Partners who are AIM-ing with AMOs

  1. I know it isn’t your realm necessarily, but could you let the people in charge know that the gallery plugins page is awful? If I want to find a plugin I don’t know the name of I have to scroll through a dozen pages, with tons of duplicates. QQ Games shows up TWICE on the first page…without any real reason that I can tell.

    Imagine if AIM plugins actually become popular and there are hundreds to look at. This could get real ugly real quick.

    How about each plugin has its own page and then there’s a widget of sorts that displays the last 10 that were updated. You should probably breakout the plugins into categories as well. Think Konfabulator, not some kind of quasi blog layout.

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