AIM Express 7…It’s Flashing Awesome!

I have been getting tons of feedback on the new AIM Express we launched last month.  The new application is really a great step forward for AIM.  Built on top of Adobe Flash and our ActionScript3 library, AIM Express gives you a rich messaging experience without having to download any software.  Since it is web base, you can use it on any supported browser (IE 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+) with Flash 9.0.  The best part is when we want to upgrade the application, we can do it without popping annoying upgrade dialogs, etc.

If you are a developer, you can see the ActionScript library we used to build the application here.

If you just want to check out the client, it is here.

4 thoughts on “AIM Express 7…It’s Flashing Awesome!

  1. Hi Greg!

    Wow, a Flash AIM client. I can’t wait to use it and watch my CPU and RAM spikes…it’ll be like watching the Dow!

    Hey, you know Microsoft has Silverlight now…should we expect a client on that platform? If so, you better get cracking…you just got around to releasing your Flash client and that’s been around for years.

    Hey, keep blogging.

    No wonder Im unable to og into AIMxpress.
    Didnt any1 learn from MTV? Their website went flash & so many of us were locked out from the website bc our computers,browsers didnt support it.

    I havent been able 2 use aimexpress.
    My OS is Windows XP.
    I use IE6.0, cipher strength 128bit.

    I heard microsoft has stopped selling XP & is only selling vista, but vista is ahrd to use. MS has also updated the IE browser to the tab version which I dont like either.

    So how do I use aimexpress ? Please help. Thx.
    lilkunta at excite dot com .

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