8 thoughts on “Updated AIM MusicLink for Songbird

  1. Can’t use it. AIM won’t start after the installer runs it the first time. That first time is fine (though it doesn’t seem to pick up anything from Songbird) and then if I exit aim and restart it, it freezes at the “Starting” text and then eventually crashes.

  2. I can’t get it to work. I’ve uninstalled AIM, installed the latest non-beta version, added the extension to songbird, added the latest musiclink linked to in your post, and nothing. =

  3. I noticed a bug with the new “Song – Artist” format. It’s hard to Explain so an example will probably make more sense.

    For example, if the song playing is “History” by Jay-Z it should appear as: ♫ History – Jay-Z but in my status it shows up as: ♫ – History – Ja

    Here’s my rough explanation of what I think is happening. If the Artist name contains a hyphen MusicLink cuts off the last letter before the hyphen, the hyphen, and anything after the hyphen. It then places a hyphen in front of the song title.

    I’m using the latest iTunes ( and AIM

  4. Still does not work with Songbird. I have done a full uninstall of all three programs(Songbird v.1.0, AIM v.6.8 and MusicLink v. and there is no success. If there are other steps besides installing the program, please post them.

  5. Is there anyway you can patch it for foobar2000 v0.9.6.3? It doesn’t work for foobar anymore since it’s been updated.

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