My Favorite Moments of 2010

Here are some of my favorite personal moments of 2010:

  • Getting blitz by snow two times in February leading to a 5 foot drift in front of the house.
    Holy Snow!
  • AIM launches Facebook Chat integration in February. AIM is the first major IM application to integrate Facebook Chat into AIM
  • We relaunch location services in AIM via AOL Lifestream in March. Instead of the AIM plugin we launched for desktop clients back in 2006, we integrated it with status updates and photos in AOL Lifestream’s iPhone and Android applications.  TechCrunch calls AOL Lifestream the product that Google Buzz should have been.
  • I spoke to a standing room only crowd at SXSW with Josh Babetski and Naveen Selvadurai about geo location and the challenges of dealing with data from a variety of services.
  • Got to travel to Tel Aviv in May to work on the transition of ICQ to DST.  It was sad to say goodbye to the team there but we got to see an awesome Metallica concert.
  • In August we worked really hard to put together a custom experience for Lollapalooza in Chicago.
    Lollapalooza 2010
  • In September I traveled across the country to watch Syracuse get crushed by University of Washington, but my Husky friends were awesome in not rubbing it in too badly.
  • In November we launched Google Talk integration in AIM which is important for users who used AIM in high school and move to college and get a Google Apps account.  Now users can get AIM, Facebook Chat and Google Talk.
  • In December I left AOL after an 11 year plus tenure at the company.  It was a great run that I covered in a previous blog post.

I can’t wait for 2011 and the new adventures.

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