Atlantic City – Failing to Deliver on a Promise

Like a gambler convinced he has an edge, Atlantic City thought it had an edge in being a gambling destination when New Jersey’s attempt to revitalize the city by legalizing gambling in 1976.  Atlantic City’s heyday was in the 1920s when prohibition was in place, the city served as an escape where visitors could drink and gambled.  HBO’s Boardwalk Empire tells the tale of Atlantic City during this period.

With this in mind, I headed to Atlantic City for one night.  Sadly, Atlantic City’s best days are behind it.  With more states legalizing gambling the excitement of heading to AC as an alternative to Vegas is waning.  Just to get to the main strip with Caesars, Bally’s and Taj Mahal, you have to drive through some of the most depressing neighborhoods.  Its a fond reminder of what happens if you gamble to often.  We went to the Shops at Pier in Caesars which were nice, but no one will confuse it with The Forum Shops in Vegas.

For dinner we went to Borgata, and it was here I felt like we were in a Vegas-style hotel.  But what does it say about Atlantic City if we had to leave the Boardwalk to get a pleasant experience.

For Atlantic City to deliver it needs something to differentiate itself.  How about legalizing sports gambling?  Perhaps they should just concentrate on moving the casinos to closer to the Borgata.  Atlantic City needs to bet big to get me to return.

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