Technology, sports and family is my life, though not in that order.  I used to be know as Mr. Open AIM, but now spend my days thankfully leading the product at Clearspring Technologies, where we make the best internet sharing, analytics and optimization platform called AddThis.  A native Washingtonian and a graduate of Syracuse, I am a huge fan of the Orange, Terps, Skins and Caps.

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  2. I have some comments about AIM 7, as well as a couple questions I hope you can answer for me.


    1. Make AIM 7 (Beta and Final Version) as lightweight and fast as possible.

    2. Please keep the “Classic AIM” style, which is an option.

    3. Allow option to resize buddy list and buddy windows. It’s too wide and big.

    4. Please keep AIM without plug-ins, so AIM can have as small of a “footprint” as possible.

    5. Please bring back the “SEND” button, even if it’s optional in preferences!

    6. Make sure it’s 100% fully stable and compatible with Windows Vista.


    1. When is AIM 7 Beta 4 going to be released, and when is the final version of AIM 7 expected to be released?

    2. Is there an option to remove or disable Lifestream and the “Me” Tabs?

    3. Is AIM 7 going to be fully compatible with Internet Explorer 7?

    4. Is there an option to remove/disable the grouped tabs?

    5. How much memory should AIM 7 be using when starting up and when opened with a couple windows open? Please tell me how much memory it should be using, on average, with Windows Vista.

    Please get back to me. Thank you so much!

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