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I want to say thank you to all the people who have downloaded the latest AIM MusicLink version and are using it every day. The uptake for the plugin has been really great, and I have to be honest this release has gone much better than earlier ones. I wanted to address some of the issues people have been having.

  • I have fixed the problem with the Songbird Extension for AIM MusicLink and you can download the extension here. Once you download the extension, please use Songbird to load the sbMusicLink.xpi file.
  • I have spent a few hours testing this version of AIM MusicLink with Windows Media Player 11 in just about every configuration possible and cannot reproduce any of the reports people have. All my WMP plugin does is listen to the current playing song and then writes to the Windows Registry if the player is playing and if so what is the current song. Then AIM MusicLink reads the registry key. These two keys can be found in HKCUSoftwareAIMAIMPluginsAIM MusicLinkWMPCurrentMedia and WMPIsPlaying. If you observe weird behavior with these keys please let me know.
  • The latest WinAMP version has been working for me.
  • The theory I have regarding those who have issues with players beyond iTunes working, is that make sure iTunes is truly closed. I have seen instances where I close iTunes yet it is not truly shutdown. AIM MusicLink will still think it sees iTunes opened and try to set the iTunes song not WinAmp or other player you are using. AIM MusicLink has a specific order of operations that it looks for music. The first player it finds music for, it will try to report the result, even if no song is loaded on the player in some cases. Here is the order that I use:
  1. iTunes
  2. WinAmp
  3. MediaMonkey
  4. Windows Media Player 9/10/11
  5. Yahoo Jukebox
  6. Songbird
  7. RealPlayer

Please make sure if you are seeing issues where AIM MusicLink is reporting an incorrect or unexpected result, check the above list and make sure that a player is not accidentally loaded that you think you closed. As always I appreciate all the feedback, and keep it coming so I can make sure AIM MusicLink continues to be the top AIM Plugin.

7 thoughts on “AIM MusicLink Feedback

  1. Hey Greg…

    Winamp user here

    I’ve made sure that I closed all iTunes… did a search on all processes associated with iTunes… all closed… stopped all the services. Rebooted, reinstalled properly. Songs still not showing up in my status. It worked perfectly with the previous version of MusicLink. I also can’t find the previous version to download and install that one either if that could be made available?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. The version number still reads as “” and Songbird still doesn’t like to work, despite the fact that the extension finally successfully installed.

  3. Hey Greg,

    I use Rhapsody for the most part….I know Rhapsody is a Real Player based Media Player….I was wondering why when I play a song there it does not show up on my AIM status….I know its not related to Media Player order, I open Rhapsody only…but in order for me to see my status with a song I have to open WMP or iTunes….would really love to have Rhapsody/Real Player cooperate any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey…great program. I’m just having a small problem that it won’t post when I have an away message up. It just stays whatever away message I have posted but want it to display the songs as my away message. If you have any suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  5. Somehow move iTunes down on the list of yours, it’s infesting Musiclink so nothing besides iTunes will even work. ;_; I even tried ending all the i* processes I could, yet that still did not work.

    Great plugin by the way, but iTunes is a big problem.

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