AIM 6.8 Beta 3

Its been a little while since I blogged about our AIM 6.8 Windows client, but its not been for the lack of us doing work on the client. We have been really hard at work building, in my opinion, the best AIM client to date. Here is a snapshot of changes…

Look for changes to the way we display plugins at the bottom of your Buddy List® window. We’ve pulled them out from behind the control panel and now you can access them with just a click on the icon. Don’t miss the following updates as well:


  • Click the Get More link and browse our Featured Developers, Most Downloaded, and Most Recently Update plugins
  • Slide the curtain up to view more plugins
  • Click the Manage link to de-activate, uninstall plugins
  • AIM Call Out is back in this version
  • New plugins! Single/multiplayer games, synch your AIM and Twitter status messages, list of your most frequent IM buddies and more

We have also taken the BL-Ops plugin I wrote almost 3 years ago that allowed you to import or export your buddy list to a file, and made this plugin as part of the client. All users can now export your buddy list to load it on a separate PC or to share it with your friends.

This is a really exciting release, and I will have a follow up post over the weekend about this release.

Download AIM 6.8 Beta 3 here.

4 thoughts on “AIM 6.8 Beta 3

  1. Any word on when AIM Lite will be updated to include the ability to see other people’s status and update your own?

  2. Hey Gregs,
    That’s great news. Is there any chance of bringing back the “Get File / Send File” option back?

    I always thought that was sucha great feature.

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