New TwitterMan for AIM 6.8 Beta

I posted a new version of TwitterMan for AIM 6.8 Beta 3. This plugin was a collaboration between myself and one of my teammates, Gus.

This build will only work with the latest AIM 6.8 Beta or newer. For those unfamiliar with TwitterMan, this AIM plugin will set your status message on Twitter to the same status you have currently set on AIM. Recently Twitter added the ability to push your Twitter status to social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, and others. So now TwitterMan will be able to propagate your AIM status from AIM to Twitter then to Facebook for example. The latest version will securely store your Twitter credentials so you do not have to enter them every time you sign into AIM. The latest version appears at the bottom of your buddy list where you can log into Twitter and manage your settings.

We will be making some improvements over time, including getting alerts when your Twitter Friend Feed has changed.

3 thoughts on “New TwitterMan for AIM 6.8 Beta

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  2. I use the Yahoo IM twitter plugin, then one for MSN Messenger, and one for Skype. But those applications will also work in reverse meaning, they’ll take whatever you’ve updated on Twitter and put that as your IM status. That works out great because I can SMS a message to 40404 or update it on the web and it updates all my IM’s with my status.

    Any chance of that happening with Twitterman?

  3. I agree with Timothy, I rather have my AIM status be updated from Twitter, rather than the other way. Reasons being that Twitter lets you use SMS and is limited by 140 characters. AIM, Facebook, and others let you have a longer status which in turn can be truncated to fit the character limit of twitter.

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