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UPDATE 6/9/08 11:00PM EST – The latest AIM MusicLink can be found at the home of AIM MusicLink. (

Hot out of the oven for the new year is a new version of AIM MusicLink. I have added a few new features for AIM MusicLink including logging. I now write to an HTML file the time, song, and player so you can keep track of what you are listening to. In addition, I have added code into the installer to confirm that iTunes is installed where AIM MusicLink thinks it should be. If it is not found, then I warn you that iTunes support will not work.

I have tested AIM MusicLink using AIM 6.5 and the latest AIM 6.8 Beta released yesterday. I am using the latest version of iTunes, the latest version of WinAmp, WMP 10 and 11, Yahoo Jukebox, and MediaMonkey. AIM MusicLink also supports Songbird, RealPlayer, and AIM Tunes if you play AIM Tunes outside of the broswer via WinAmp.

By default song logging is turned on, and to turn it off you can access the preferences for AIM MusicLink via the ‘Actions’ menu in the bottom of the buddy list. In the same menu you will see a link to open up your AIM MusicLink Log. Here is a link to what my log looks like. Here are some screenshots from the latest release.


I have added the logging purposely to see if we can narrow down where people say AIM MusicLink is not working for them. If the song is successfully logged, it means AIM MusicLink found the song, but setting it on our host failed. If there is no log item, then AIM MusicLink could not find the song for a variety of reasons.

As always I appreciate the feedback, so please do not hesitate to share it. If AIM MusicLink is not working for you please share the details of media player version and AIM client version.

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  1. With the number of plugins slowly growing, do you think that there may be a need for a different way of accessing the features of the plugins? I would imagine that the actions menu, with single menu item access and no trees would become annoyingly long after the user installs a few plugins of their liking.

    I’m just wondering if you guys have any plans to revisit the way plugins are accessed via the UI.

  2. Wondering if there was a way to remove the “AIMMusicLink” folder that keeps popping up in my “My Documents” folder. I have “Log Aim MusicLink Songs” unchecked (off). In the next release of MusicLink can you please add either “♪” or “♫” (music notes) to show up in front of the song name in the status section. I think that would be great cause then people know that you’re listening to a song and not just listing something in the status section. Keep up the great work Greg!

  3. I agree with Steve D. You should add the music notes to the next aim musiclink so everyone knows that you are listening to music! otherwise great job! keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but it’s still not working quite right for me for some reason. I’m using Media Player 11, your latest plugin version and AIM

    The songs are showing fine, however they still keep skipping through songs that aren’t playing currently. The log shows some songs that aren’t even in the play-list ready to play. When there is a song playing, it shows it, but it also shows other ones in the play-list that aren’t playing yet.

  5. Hey when a song is playing and there’s a “Ft.” in it it will only show the artists after the “Ft.” and not anything else…. I think it might be because of the period. Anyway you can fix this?

  6. Even though its old; Please allow “Music Link” to support MUSICMATCH. I LOVE Music Link but I’m not crazy about using WMP (its oooook but the layout stinks). As for YMJ, I only use it to download my music( d*m* yahoo killed off MMJB’s online store) and the sound quality in YMJ blows.

    MMJB is my favorite player, and I’m sure its 10000’s of others too. Personally, I almost always have music playing with it. So it would be AWESOME for Music Link to show what MMJB isplaying.

  7. Hi, I just installed this. I’m using the latest AIM with iTunes 7.5.

    iTunes locks up on me after a few songs…usually after about 3 or 4.

  8. ok, the itunes locking up problem has disappeared. Will let you know if it comes back. Still no settings. Thanks! Great program!

    Now I don’t have people in the office constantly interrupting me to ask what song is playing!

  9. Does MusicLink support the use of multiple media players? I use iTunes as well as Media Monkey 3. MusicLink works fine in iTunes, but does nothing when i’m playing through Media Monkey. I know of people that solely use Media Monkey and MusicLink works fine for them.

  10. would it be possible to have an option in preferences where you can specify source directory? my itunes music isn’t in c:program files and i’d like to be able to change the settings so it can find itunes. currently, unless it’s in c:]program filesitunes the plugin wont work.

    thanks for a good product and hope to see tweaks in the future

  11. I have the latest beta version of AIM ( and when I use WMP 11 I have the same problem as Twisted. The songs show up fine in the status message but they skip and it says a song that’s not playing at the time is playing. The status message will change several times while a song is playing.

    Using Real Player the skipping doesn’t happen but the first letter of the song title won’t show up. I tried a bunch of songs.

    Other than that, there is quite a delay updating the status message when a song changes. And when music stops playing, it’d be nice to revert to our default status message instead of leaving it blank.

    Thanks for the plugin, I hope it improves in the future as I’d love to use it.

  12. I can not get this to work with the unregistered version of MediaMonkey i haven’t a clue why but i can’t seem to get it to display my song titles to others
    any suggestions?

  13. Can I share music while I’m away? I clicked the option in the action menu but i can’t see my music when i go away

  14. When I use this with Windows Media Player 11, Asian characters don’t show up in the status, but with iTunes, they do.

    Korean/Chinese/Japanese comes up as question marks(?).

  15. I have aim 6.5 and the latest version of itunes, and I have installed this latest version of aim musiclink.

    My preferences have “share your music with buddies” and “log aim musiclink songs” checked, but it still does not show them in my status.

    Every time I click “show Aim MusicLink Log” under actions, all my windows disappear and a little window shows up that has an x in a circle and says: “Windows cannot find ‘C:Documents’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for the file, click the Start button, and click Search.’

    I don’t know what’s going on and whenever I try and click search, nothing opens. I don’t understand why this isn’t working for me, someone please help!

  16. would it be possible to make it so we can choose where iTunes is located? I run iTunes off an extra hard drive and thus am unable to use this.

  17. Good Day, I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for yahoo music match jukebox. I am with you on the topic of AIM MusicLink version Ironically, I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Sunday.

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