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I am off to Tel Aviv and ICQ tonight so there will be only sporadic updates next week. Before I go though, one of my loyal readers mentioned that with the number of plugins available now, the Actions menu is getting crowded. We have been supporting multiple plugin command entry points for a while, but the latest AIM client built off of the Open AIM platform supports the following actions (to read all about plugin commands here is the documentation):

Now we also support flyout commands, via IAccCommand::put_Property(AccCommandProp_ParentId, …); For example here is the code from AIM MusicLink that could do the submenu support…

// Create Flyout Command Placeholder
CComPtr <IAccCommand> spiCommand;
piPluginInfo->AddCommand(kCommandId, &spiCommand);
CString menuCommand3;
spiCommand->put_Property(AccCommandProp_Text, CComVariant(menuCommand3));
spiCommand->put_Property(AccCommandProp_Flags, CComVariant(AccCommandFlags_ActionsUi));

// add submenu by passing in the command ID of the above command

CComPtr <IAccCommand> spiSubCommand;
piPluginInfo->AddCommand(kShowLogCommandId, &spiSubCommand);
CString menuCommand;
spiSubCommand->put_Property(AccCommandProp_Text, CComVariant(menuCommand));
spiSubCommand->put_Property(AccCommandProp_Flags, CComVariant(AccCommandFlags_ActionsUi));
spiSubCommand->put_Property(AccCommandProp_ParentId, CComVariant(kCommandId));

So as you can see we can easily manage the menus and keep them clean. I actually need to update a few of my plugins to take advantage of the flyout. As always keep the questions coming.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Tidbits…

  1. Thousands of AOL members are being harassed by the following Buddy Invite message every time they sign in.

    “Someone has invited you to be a Buddy on their profile. Want to become a part of their network? Find out who it is now”

    It is not clear to the AOL members how to turn off the message.

    (Actually, it can be turned off by clicking on the underlined word “now” at the end of the message. This will take you to a web page where you can accept or decline the invitation.)

    This feature needs to be redesigned immediately, to make it clear how to turn off the message.

  2. “Someone has invited you to be a Buddy on their profile. Want to become a part of their network? Find out who it is now”


    Instead of “Find out who it is now”, say something like “Click HERE to make your choice”.

    That way the member would know exactly how to respond to the message, so that the message would go away.

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