Open AIM Web Site Updates

We updated the Open AIM development website today based on some feedback from developers as well as to correct two minor bugs with our source code samples. The big addition is to post our Visual Basic custom client sample to the web page. You can now view how to build a VB custom client and how to implement preferences, send IMs, view Buddy Profiles and more.

The other change we made was to our technotes for Buddy Info and seemless sign on to expressions and AIM startpage URLs.

As always we appreciate the feedback on our development website so please share what we can make better below. If there are specific samples people are looking for we can add them as well.

2 thoughts on “Open AIM Web Site Updates

  1. There appears to be a typo in the Buddy Info technote in the C++ example. The line ‘spiIm->GetConvertedText(OLESTR(“text.html”), &text);’ should be ‘spiIm->GetConvertedText(OLESTR(“text/html”), &text);’

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