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I am posting a new AIM MusicLink tonight based on feedback from all my users. I have fixed a long standing bug with the MediaMonkey player, so for those of you using MediaMonkey for your media player needs, you will now see status updates.

I have also added support to insert a music note in your status message when using AIM MusicLink. Here is an image of the new music note support.

AIM MusicLink is an Open AIM plugin, it sets your status and profile message to your current playing song on 7 different media players. I support WinAmp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Yahoo Jukebox, Songbird, RealPlayer, and MediaMonkey. AIM MusicLink also logs the songs that you play and stores them in a log where you can view what you have been listening to all week. To get started with AIM MusicLink just download the exe, exit AIM, and install AIM MusicLink. Re-start AIM, and listen to your favorite music. If you want to change and of the preferences, they can be found in the Actions menu at the bottom of the AIM buddy list.

I want to thank everyone for their feedback, AIM MusicLink depends on your feedback for new features and bug fixes. AIM MusicLink is the most popular download on the AIM Gallery and one of the most popular AIM plugins of all time, so it goes without saying, thanks for all the support. 🙂

Download AIM MusicLink version here.

38 thoughts on “AIM MusicLink version

  1. I currently am seeing that iTunes works great with AIM Music Link The problem I am having is that I use WinAmp (v. 5.531). I used to have NO problems with Music Link and WinAmp. I don’t want iTunes’ songs listed at all.

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  3. Hey, I love the plugin, but there’s one little problem. With the Songbird Add-On .xpi, Songbird refuses to install the add-on because of an error that reads ” “AIM Music Link Helper” will not be installed because it does not provide secure updates.” Any clue what could be wrong, and how to fix it? Songbird is my primary music player 🙂

  4. Hi i love the plugin but the only thing i would say is that whenever i have a list of songs on the “Now Playing” list on WMP, it always shows the wrong song that i’m listening to. I tried deleting and redownloading but it still happens

  5. Actually, I found out how to fix the away message thing. Click “New Away Message” put in any title like “Current Song” and then erase whatever is in the text box for the away message and save and set as away and your done. :DD::D:D:D:DD:D:D::D

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  9. It seems to work fine for me except the AIM status doesn’t display the music note before listing the song. It just lists artist and song title. No musical note at all. I’m not sure why this is happening.

    One thing could be, the download page labels the download as AIM MusicLink but when I look in my AIM plugin list page, it lists the plugin as “AIM Music Link”. Could this be the reason? If so, the links on this page redirect you to a previous version of the plugin, not

  10. Mike, I tried your method to get it to display in away message but it messes up. It shows again in my status but it ends up turning me back into “available” instead of “away”. When I test IMed myself, it pops up with a blank away message but my status in the main AIM window doesn’t list me as away. Any other suggestions?

  11. I’m having the same problem as Bob above, where the plugin still displays in AIM. And there’s no music note in the status. It only works with WinAmp, but not with MediaMonkey. But in the WindowsXP Add/Remove Programs list it shows as This is weird, and I don’t know what to do.

  12. To fix the problem with a prior version of Music Link (cause I had that problem), go to Control Panel in windows and entirely remove Music Link. Then reinstall 2.2.0 from scratch. The prior version may still show up under “plugins” in AIM, but it will work correctly.

  13. This Program Sucks… It works at first then fucks up… it doesn’t even show the right song i’m playing… and it changes names every few seconds… wha’ts up with that?

  14. The song I am listening to on AIM tunes is not showing up in my status when I am listening to it. I don’t even know how to work it. Please help me!

  15. Hey Greg,
    Love the app! One question, I do a lot of listening to online radio. If the station provides an XML feed of what’s playing, can I feed this to my AIM Status too?

  16. I use it with WMP 11, and it rarely shows music that I am playing. It shows random songs that I have on my computer, but am not listenting to at the moment. What’s up with that?

  17. Greg,

    I think MusicLink is incompatible with iTunes 8. AIM 6 crashed after I updated iTunes until I uninstalled MusicLink. Just a heads up.

  18. The aim music link player works on my other computer with itunes but doesn’t work on my laptop… which is a lot faster. its a windows vista. and when i open aim it just freezes it, and the music doesn’t show up on aim. what should i do?

  19. Can you tell me how to install the Songbird add on? It prompts me for the program to use when I click on the file. I have downloaded the musiclink plugin but it’s not displaying my music. Help!

  20. – Not compatible with iTunes 8.
    – With WMP 11 (haven’t tested it with anything else), it doesn’t show the song name when you double click on the MP3 to open WMP. It works if you pause and then play again, but it doesn’t show the song status immediately. Also, like others have said, it sometimes shows the wrong song.
    – Great program, just needs a few bugs ironed out! 🙂

  21. I CANT SEEM TO UNINSTALL THE PLUGIN. and when i try to uninstall it, IT STILL EXISTS and its’ updates are on my aim profile STILL. how can i REMOVE ITTTT

  22. like your programme but one question when i try to turn of music link log it will not any help would be much appreciated thanks

  23. Having trouble with away messages… if I go away, then turn myself invisible, the song shows up. If I am available, the song shows up. But if I go away without being invisible, the song disappears. Any help?

  24. hi im using the newest version of songbird and the .xpi file you provided is not compatible with the newer version of songbird is there anyway you could release a .xpi that would work by any chance and thank you 2x one for this sweet plugin and two in advance if you come through with the .xpi file (=

  25. i’m also having a problem installing the .xpi file for songbird. the current version of the .xpi file doesn’t work with the latest version of songbird (1.1.1). Thanks in advance if you can fix this

  26. it seems like any songs with “.” in the artist or song name display incorrectly. for example, i am playing “Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy” in Winamp, and my status appears as “I.G. – Juicy” It looks like the first period and anything before it get chopped off. it happens when theres only one period on the artist – title name too.

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