Get out and Vote on AIM

If it was up to you, who would you and your friends vote for? AIM Vote 2008 lets you cast a virtual ballot for Obama or McCain and then view how the other buddies on your buddylist with this plugin are voting right now.

This morning we published AIM Vote ’08 to the gallery, so get out there and make it known who you are voting for.  The vote total dynamically updates, so you can see in real time the results.

Download AIM Vote ’08 here.

And next week go from the virtual AIM voting booth to the real voting booth, make your voice count.

One thought on “Get out and Vote on AIM

  1. The app would be much more effective if the veil of “its only a two party system” ignorance was lifted. The fact is there ARE more candidates than McCain and Obama and they should be justly added.

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