Delivering the Goods

In the six months since arriving at Clearspring, I have been very impressed with the team I get to work with every day.  At AOL the team always used to say we had to act like a startup, but I never realized how far from reality that was.  It goes beyond our 2 week release cycle, rather it is the camaraderie of the team working passionately and with a sense of urgency.  We are all in this together, and in the 6 months have cranked out tons of code, worked late nights AND early mornings, and most importantly delivered the goods that our publishers and users are wanting.

Here are a few of my favorite things we have delivered the first half of the year:

Real-time analytics: For publishers looking to see how their content is resonating across the social web.  Many publishers have our real time dashboard running on screens in their editorial rooms helping them make content decisions.

Tools and SDKs for Mobile:  We just announced this week our solutions for iOS, Android and mobile web browsers.  We spent a bunch of time testing with partners the SDK and making sure that our mobile browser solutions are friendly to the form factor and touch inputs.  We are currently looking for partners to help test our Android SDK, and you can sign up for access here.

Measuring All Sharing: Earlier this spring we released a way for publishers to measure sharing that happens from people who click Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons.  We also help publishers measure how many people are copying and pasting the URL of the web page and sending it to their friends in emails, IMs, tweetdeck, etc.  We know that copying/pasting URLs is 10X larger than all other sharing combined.  Publishers now can see how much of their direct/organic traffic was really a result of people sharing their content to their friends and family.

It has been a great 1st half of the year, and I know the 2nd half is going to be even better.  If you are still wondering what AddThis is all about we re-did all our videos in the past month too…check them out:

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