Importing Facebook Friends into Google+ and Instagram too

When I first started using Google+ two nights ago it was a little bit of a ghost town.  With the exception of my friends who work at Google and a few members of the Silicon Valley elite, I could not find anyone else to friend.  Last night Google turned on invites which turned the ghost town into a little bit more engaging community.  The challenge is to find people you are already friends with on other social networks and add them to your Google+ circle.  Thank goodness for Yahoo (I can’t believe I just said that).

Over a year ago, Yahoo enabled importing contacts from Facebook into Yahoo Mail, and with Google+ you can import your Yahoo contacts and find your friends on Google+.  The steps to enable this are to log into Yahoo Mail, assuming you have an account.  

* Import Your facebook friends via Yahoo:

* Then connect your Yahoo account to Google+ here:

To get your Instagram photos imported:

I could not believe how Google+ invites were flying around last night it was insane.  Google has turned them off for now.

Coach: U.S. World Cup win over North Korea caused by lightning – Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News

Link: Coach: U.S. World Cup win over North Korea caused by lightning – Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News

I love the North Korean propaganda engine.  If true, then this is was an amazing recovery by the players and perhaps we are not putting enough emphasis on Eastern medicines.  Though I am not sure it beats the invisible phone that the North Korean football coach used in the 2010 World Cup to talk to Kim Jong-il.

Weiner is at fault, but is Twitter partially responsible?

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All of us our sick of hearing about Anthony Weiner and all the jokes that are associated with what he did and his name.  Everyone says the guy is an idiot, and I agree he is an idiot for lying.  Some of my technology compatriots have said he is an idiot for not knowing how Twitter works, but this is where my views differ.

As the story goes, Weiner got himself in trouble when he typed the “@” symbol, which in Twitter speak means you are mentioning the person’s name instead of the letter “d,” which means you are sending a private message to the person, when he composed his tweet.  As a result a “private” direct message became a public message.  Are you kidding?  How intuitive is that?  From a product, Twitter is lacking the fit and finish, and I am putting that kindly.  It is the reason that there are tons of 3rd party Twitter clients and that it is a tool that most people use to read tweets instead of write tweets.  Perhaps Apple and iOS will make Twitter a better product for the massess to use and contribute to.

Weiner is wrong for lying and that is why he is being asked to resign.  He even may be an idiot for not knowing the difference between typing an “@” and a “d,” but Twitter has done a poor job in evolving the product around the syntax that is being created around its product.  The hashtag, @ mentions, direct mentions, replies, and retweets, all have made Twitter a better product, but how it is implemented in is very unintuitive.