AIM MusicLink is here

I have posted the latest version of AIM MusicLink, version  If you are an existing AIM MusicLink user, you will get prompted for auto upgrade.  You can ignore the upgrade, or get it later.  You can get an upgrade via the Check For Upgrade button via the AIM MusicLink Preference window.  You will only be prompted once.  There are some real key feature and bug fixes in this release.

  • AIM MusicLink now supports an option to set your status in “Artist – Song” format and “Song – Artist” format.
  • Fixed a long standing bug with Windows Media Player not reporting the correct song.  This was due to an issue with the Windows Media Player API passing incorrect data in the MediaChange event.  I discovered a work around this Microsoft bug.
  • Fixed bug with RealPlayer song status being set with a missing leading character
  • Fixed bug with Uninstaller not unregistering the AIM MusicLink dlls.

Here is a screen shot of the new preference panel showing how to change the status format.

AIM MusicLink Preferences

AIM MusicLink Preferences

You can download the latest AIM MusicLink here.

To read all about AIM MusicLink or to get questions answered make sure to visit the AIM MusicLink homepage.

Its been a while…

Happy holidays everyone.  I realize it has been a while since I have posted on what’s going on with AIM, ICQ, OpenAIM and the general state of messaging.  I have  about 5 posts queued up, and you will start seeing these being published over the next two weeks.

One interesting note this morning we had a major water main break not far from my house in Maryland.  I happened to mention it in my twitter feed, and about 5 minutes later The Washington Post picked up on my feed and others.

Glad that no one was seriously injured or killed.  Stay tuned for the latest news.