The Mac App Store…Does it Change Everything…Again?

I spent time with the Mac App Store this weekend, and right away I found myself downloading apps (both paid and free).  Apple has re-created the platform that taught everyone it was easy to single click to buy music, then movies and TVs, and now applications.

Apple is smart in lowering the prices on apps like Aperture, obviously they will sell more since users are conditioned to click the buy app button, then go on the Apple store website and purchase the boxed version of the application.

The store is going to re-invigorate the OS platform for Apple and not because I can play Angry Birds on my 27 inch iMac.  Games which may have only been popular on gaming consoles like XBox or iPhone now can be played on the Mac, and soon I am guessing on Apple TV.  I can’t wait to get the latest EA Sports’ Madden Football game on the Mac or Apple TV.

The fact that the store had 1 million downloads in the first day according to Apple, shows that Mac owners are more than willing to re-purchase apps that they already downloaded once for their iPhone.  Does this buying behavior really surprise anyone?