Day After the Deal Heard Around the Internet

One day after the deal heard around the Internet, with LivingSocial’s Amazon 50% off coupon, the deals offered returned to normal with half off SCUBA lessons, vein treatments, and pizza.  It was amazing to see how many people were sending links to the coupon yesterday.

Here is my issue with these coupon services.  They are turning into a commodity, whereby, anyone can enter the market.  Heck, when I was at AOL, I was sharing a cab with Ned Brody, who is head of Paid Services, in July and he was telling me about launching a local coupon service.  By October we had the service up and running internally and by November it was out the door.  That is scary fast to get a service up and running that is almost identical to a company that is about to file a $15B IPO.  Tonight, thanks to Mashable, we now know Google is launching Google Offers in the near future as well.

So while one day does not make a coupon service, I am not sure if LivingSocial did 10 days of Amazon coupons that it would ensure their financial existence either.