Graphing Social Patterns East

Graphing Social Patterns Conference 2008
As a lonely nation’s eyes turn toward Moscone Center West where Apple is holding their developer’s conference, a smaller conference is flying under the radar here in Washington, DC. Granted most web 2.0 developers would not consider DC to be a natural choice for a conference on social networking, and considering my life is spent going back and forth from San Jose and Dulles, I definitely experience the west coast bias.

This week the Graphing Social Patterns – East conference is being held. This conference is a follow up to the one that was held the first week of March in San Diego and it brings together the top social networking minds and companies. What makes this different of course is the venue. Being on the east coast and particularly in Washington DC, is it possible we will be introducing a more bureaucratic spin to social networks? We know the Federal Government already blogs, but will they twitter or have an open social app, maybe after this conference they will?

Its not all about the desktop for social networking either. After today’s iPhone announcement, social networking on mobile devices will become even more prevalent. This is just one of the topics to be discussed tomorrow at the conference, and yours truly will be up there debating the current and future landscape of social networking via an ever changing mobile world.

Hopefully I will see everyone out there, stop by the AOL booth to pick up some AIM swag too.