Open ICQ Xtraz

Back in August, ICQ launched a new developer program called ICQ Open Xtraz.  Xtraz have been a part of the ICQ client for many years but have been limited to partners and internal customers.  Xtraz are web applications that extend and embrace part of the functionality of the ICQ client.  ICQ Xtraz can easily be shared between buddies (similar to the AIM Modules we released in June) and can be uploaded to the ICQ Xtraz gallery.

Making an ICQ Xtraz is really simple thanks to a developer tool and template creator.  These tools make it easy to develop and test your Xtra before uploading it to the gallery.  We have tons of documentation and samples.  Also, make sure you have the latest ICQ 6.5 client, available here.

Check out the development site here.

Check out the gallery here.