Userplane AIM Module

When we launched AIM Modules and AIM 6.8 earlier this month we worked closely with the Userplane team out in Santa Monica so they could be a part of the AIM 6.8 client.  The AIM Module that Userplane wrote is available on the gallery.  It provides one click access to the Userplane chat rooms so you can chat on the most popular Userplane chats.  The module seemlessly injects you into the chat room.

When you install the Userplane modules, we add it to the bottom of the buddy list.  If you want to launch the AMO click the icon that is circled in red below.

AIM Web Chat

Yesterday someone on campus introduced me to a new version of our web chat powered by Userplane. Mike and his team did a great job on making a smooth and easy to use web chat application. Just log in with an AIM identity, and choose a room you want to join, or even better just join in the chat mixer, which is one giant room where anything goes. Once you get into the chat room, you can see the previous conversation so you can catch up on what you have missed. There is also the ability to broadcast a video image from your video camera or audio from your mic. Check it out.