AIM Express 7 Beta 4

Hot out of the oven, we just posted AIM Express 7 Beta 4.  Here is the list of changes:

  • Test out the new character counter when you IM a mobile buddy or number in your Buddy List
  • Express yourself with spankin’ new Emoticons that display in your IM window
  • Rollover your Buddy to see their screen name, buddy icon, and status message with a quick glance
  • Use the new sound icon to toggle your alerts on/off

The client was built using Flash, so make sure you have the latest version of Flash 9.  The client also takes advantage of the OpenAIM ActionScript3 library, otherwise known as wimas3.  As always we appreciate the feedback, so make sure you share it with us.

AIM Express 7 Beta 2

Last week was a busy week in the AIM world in Dulles, so I am still catching up on all the news we generated. We pushed a new update of AIM Express beta 2, which is an AIM application for people who do not want to download the AIM client or have issues connecting due to network configuration.

AIM Express 7 is built using the Web AIM APIs ActionScript3 library (wimas3, for short). In the latest release here is what we added:

  • Easily enter a custom status message or away message using the inline status field at the top of your Buddy List
  • View Buddy Info by right-clicking on a Buddy’s name and selecting “Get Buddy Info”
  • See when your Buddies are typing a message to you in the IM window
  • Hover over a name on your Buddy List to see your Buddy’s screen name and status message
  • A sound notification will play when you receive a new IM
  • Hyperlinks in the IM window are now clickable
  • The IM input field expands as you type to show all of your message
  • Tooltip support – descriptive text is displayed when hovering over buttons

Check it out here and as always feedback is appreciated.

AIM Express 7.0 Beta

Today we are launching a new version of AIM Express. This version, 7.0 is a beta and is built on top of the Open AIM WimAS3 library that we released back in March as part of the Open AIM 2.0 announcement. This Adobe Flash based application allows you to use AIM any where you have an internet connection and not have to worry about downloading the full AIM 6.8 client.

As we posted on the beta website…

Although this application will work with most versions of Adobe® Flash® 9, we highly recommend you upgrade to the most recent version of Flash, as older versions have a serious security flaw. The upgrade is available here.

Check out AIM Express 7.0 Beta here.

Let us know what you think of AIM Express 7.