My Cricket Bot

For my trip to India I decided I would write a bot that can return the latest Cricket News, Scores and Cricket videos via Truveo Video Search. This is super important today as India is in a test with South Africa. Of course I have no understanding of cricket, though the employees here in BDC are definitely watching closely. The bot was written in C-Sharp, which I maintain as the best way to write a bot. The reason being, you have full access to the Open AIM API, you do not have to worry about deploying the .net framework with the bot, and with C-Sharp you get easy to write code with auto complete via Visual Studio. The bot code is posted here for everyone to check out.

New Java Bot Sample Code

We will constantly update sample code and projects instead of just waiting for SDK or Web API releases. In the past couple of days we posted on the developer website a full fledge bot written in Java. The bot is capable of communicating with LDAP, MySql, Oracle and Google SOAP API. There are two versions of the program, one which includes access to Google SOAP API for search and spell capabilities and the other which does not include that because apparently if you don’t have an API key now, you may not be able to get one (Google SOAP API). This bot uses an Open AIM development key, and takes advantage of the AIM SDK API. This may be the best example of how to write a bot I have seen for AIM, that is fully documented.

Here is a screen shots of the bot in action:

You can view the entire bot summary here. You can view all our source code here.