I Go On Vacation and Alot Happens

Tel Aviv Sunset
Going on vacation with the family and having no internet accessibility is always a challenge.  Awaiting my return was about 1000+ email I had to catch up on, then there were all my feeds to read, I also could not prepare adequately for my fantasy football draft this week which could hamper my fun over the next 18 weekends.

Apparently we did a whole bunch of releases while I was gone, so for now I will just post a summary, and get into more details in follow up posts.

  1. AIM Express 7.0 is now live and released.
  2. AIM 6.9 Beta 1 is available on our beta website
  3. AIM for Windows Mobile is out of beta and available for everyone to try.
  4. AIM MusicLink has now over 1 Million users in just 25 days.
  5. AIM MusicLink now supports AOL Radio and Shoutcast Radio, for details check out the AIM MusicLink homepage.

I will dive into details on these releases over the next few days.