Mashup Camp Dublin

Facing jet lag and two presentations, one on Open AIM and one on Open Auth, I really debated just staying in bed all day. I did definitely get out of bed and headed to the Guinness Storehouse to see how Europe handles the Mashup world. John Herren opened the proceedings by explaining Mashup culture and how to get started. John is the Mashup king, he won the competition in Boston earlier this year. John Musser from Programmable Web gave the keynote yesterday afternoon and dove into how the Social Media API world is exploding with new APIs on a daily basis. While heavily pimping OpenSocial, he managed to give props to others like AIM for leading the way in the messaging API world.

In my two sessions I covered the client side of Open AIM by showing how easy it is to make a plugin, and some excellent examples out there today. In addition I showed how all messaging clients are built off of Open AIM, whether it be accsample included in our SDK, or AIM Lite or AIM 6.5, at their heart they all start off the same way. I also managed to squeeze in some time to show off AIM Tunes, and was successful in streaming U2’s Where the Streets Have No Name (apropos for Dublin, since street signs are non-existent) from my computer in Bethesda, Maryland across the Atlantic over conference WiFi in the Guinness Storehouse. Needless to say, that demo got a round of applause.

Since we are at the most famous brewery in all of the world, we were given free Guinness and a trip to the top of the factory for beers at the Gravity Bar and a view of Dublin. Coming up today is a presentation by fellow AIM-er Stephen Benedict where he will talk about Open AIM via the Web AIM APIs.

Gravity Bar @ Guinness Storehouse

Gravity Bar @ The Guinness Storehouse

Presenting on Open AIM Bots

Presenting on Open AIM Bots

Happy Halloween

For a while people have been asking me for access to the presentations I have done over the years. Well, they were posted internally at AOL for the past few months, but now that I have the new blog, I am posting them publicly. You will find all the talks I have given here in 2007. You will notice that I will also be taking all the code samples that I posted on the old blog here and the plugins link will point to the AIM Gallery. To find this page later, there is a link in my blog roll section.

One thing that I have not blogged about but definitely deserves some attention is AIM Tunes. We included a plugin in the AIM 6.5 release we did at the beginning of the month that allows you to you to listen to music from your buddies. It’s as simple as that. Check out for more information! We put together a little tutorial to show you how easy it is to use. From a technical perspective, the plugin takes advantage of AIM’s Open API using IAccCustomSession interface. As always we love to get the feedback from you guys on how we are doing.