Slow News Week…but busy week for me.

It has been chaotic this week, as I was in San Fran for 23 hours on Monday and Tuesday and came back on Wednesday to pack up my office for a move a few offices away. The pack up provided lots of humor as I found documents and designs back from AIM 2.5. Lots of great memories of the original AIM architects writing up how things work. 🙂

Out in California I saw a few interesting things. First, the Netscape fish tank was really full of life on Monday, and I thought I would grab a picture:

You can watch the live feed of the tank here.

On the way back home taking the train from the rental car garage to the terminal, I spotted the new JetBlue plane that allows you to read email and send IMs via your Blackberry or Yahoo. While this seems like a very limiting service, it was weird to actually see this plane in person with the big Yahoo and Blackberry logos painted on the side:

Last but not least, we released a new AIM 6.5 beta refresh client this week available here. This build has some minor tweaks and some additional small features. I am working on putting together a new version of the AIM Skinning tool I wrote earlier this year. I am hoping to get it out the door after Christmas when I have some free time between the holidays.